Rustic Christmas SlimLine 4x8 Greeting Card #5

Designer: Sarah
Price in reward points: 80

These stylish greeting cards are sure to impress your clients, friends and loved ones! Our Rustic Christmas Collection is elegant and modern. This red, brown and cream damask will showcase your Christmas photos. Save time and work with our easy-to-use, fun designs.


The Rustic Christmas SlimLine 4x8 Greeting Card #5 is a custom Christmas Photo Card template. They are .psd, layered files.
The Pro Digital Photos Collection is double-sided at 300 dpi and the Miller's Lab Set is single-sided at 250 dpi.

Display Photos courtesy of B Couture Photography.

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Our templates are .psd files.  You will need either Photoshop or Elements to customize the files.

These downloads are intended for Personal and limited commercial use.

In other words, you are more than welcome to use our designs for your personal photo displays, scrapbooks, blogs,etc. It is also acceptable for photographers or others to use our products for their clients' photos and business matters such as marketing materials, blogs, websites, etc. What is NOT acceptable is reselling the templates in whole or in part in their digital form, claiming the design as your own, or sharing the downloaded files with others.

Please understand that when you download a file, it does NOT mean that it becomes your property. We will not tolerate the redistribution, sharing, selling, etc. of our products! We spend alot of time creating and designing these templates, and Fototale Designs, LLC always retains ownership and copyright. So please, feel free to use our desings over and over again to capture yours, your family's, your friends and your clients special moments, but please don't violate our terms of use.